About Us

Selvan Food

This adventure started in the west of a geographical area bearing traces of the fruit and vegetable route..

About Us

Selvan Food Ind. Trade Ltd. Co. is established in Kemalpaşa,Izmir. It is specialized on processing and exportation of  dried fruit and vegetable.

The production runs at it’s own company of Sun Naturel Ind.Trade Cowith 10.000 m2 closed area and totally 20.000 m2 area production area since 2016.

Selvan Food Ind. Trade Ltd. Co. has adopted a philosophy of product safety and quality service approach and with this philosophy has become an approved supplier of major food sectors in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia.

The primary criteria’s of our company are quality, hygiene, Customer satisfaction and environmentally friendly production.

Our production processes with modern and technological equipment are integrated in the same facility and audited by our experienced and distinguished staff in food production. Selvan Food have productions for well-known private label.


Our Quality Consept  meets with “BRC Food Safety System”.ISF Quality Standart”.

Our employee’s primary goal is quality . Quality management system based on data and assessment and evaluation. The priority of all our staff, improvement activities, to prevent issues before occurred.

Our Quality Management System consists of Good Hygiene Practices(GHP), Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP), Good Laboratory Practices(GLP) which guaranteeing food security.

Our responsibilities

In line with the expectations of our customers, it is our basic responsibility to manufacture products that do not contain harmful additives and preservatives for health.

Our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers by investing in better and new technologies, improving our production techniques and making high-level quality sustainable.

Our aim is to by analyzing the expectations of our customers correctly and applying the correct methods in the stages of supply, production and packaging.

Our responsibility for our employees is to make their education and development continuous, to ensure the best and ethical working conditions and to keep the performance of our factory at the highest level.