Turkish Sultanas

The fresh Sultana grapes is dipped in an alkaline olive oil emulsion and sun dried. The product consists of good, sound berries, typical of the current crop which have been sun dried and stored under satisfactory conditions before processing. The fruit will be size, screened, washed in potable water, and aspirated for foreign matter. The sultanas graded and received by us and stored in warehouses under controlled, conditions. Then the sultanas are washed, processed and laser sorted and are filled in hygienic plastic crates and sent to static picking department where sultanas are controlled by skilled and controlled operators on the table under bright light. Table picking is selected depending on buyer’s specifications. Then the sultans are filled in to carton boxes with blue polyethylene liners. 12,5 to 14 kg. Fruit is filled in each carton.Each carton is scanned by a metal detected.

Available Assortment Available Packing
Thompson Raisin Bulk carton
Sultanas Pillow Pack
Paste Quadroseal
Mixed Fruit Small Kinder Pack
Organic Doypack
Bag in carton